The refugee crisis is huge, but you can make a difference.

We have teams on the ground in Europe and the Middle East ready to purchase much-needed supplies from local businesses and deliver them now to families in need.

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Refugees continue to land on the islands every day and they arrive with next to nothing. The islands used to be a passthrough area to the rest of Europe but more and more they are filling up. These people have no access to many of the things they need on a daily basis. 

We work with our partners at refugee camps and community centers to meet the needs of those who come to them.

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There are over 3.4 million refugees now living in Turkey, making Turkey the host country with the largest population of refugees in the world. Most of these people live outside camps in various cities and towns across the country. 

We are partnering with a local church that is working to love and serve refugee families in their neighborhood. 

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Two years ago, war swept across North Iraq, ravaging villages. Some escaped to safe cities in Iraq, or to the mountains where they were rescued and placed in refugee camps.

Today ISIS is being pushed back, and families are starting to return home to their villages. The needs are great, - homes have been wrecked, farms are in ruin, and many families lack basic necessities like warm socks and shoes.

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Thousands of refugees arrive every month on the shores of Italy. Most end up in Rome and apply for asylum there, but the process is long and difficult. 

That’s where our friends at a refugee day center in Rome step in and help. By offering job training, language classes, basic necessities and friendship, refugees are better equipped to make a new start. 

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These guys have been working in Iraq for 25 years. Glad I could help them do their job.

2nd Grade Teacher

I can't afford much, but I like knowing I can make a real difference for someone.

High School Student

I always wanted our church to help out but never knew how. So glad to learn about ShopForRefugees!

Church Pastor